FOREX Courses


PTT is our most popular course; aimed at those with limited time and resources, and probably suited for you if you want to be profitable at trading Forex whilst still in employment. Fundamental in it’s approach, this can genuinely be run in your spare time from home.


Aimed at those who want to understand trading at a deeper level, using more than just price action to drive entries and exits. Our 3 Steps Forex Trading Course will give you additional insight into what drives the markets and allow you to build your Forex trading profitability.


For the more experienced trader, the BOT forex trading course performs best during the Asian trading sessions and comes with an EA to make this easier to facilitate for those of us in other time zones. An average win ratio of 70% makes this an essential course module for anyone wanting to develop their Forex trading skills.


Once your Forex trading skills have improved further, potentially using the previous two courses offered, you might want to consider the Live Forex Trading lounge, where traders can share ideas and enjoy a daily trading room environment that you’re able to pop into as and when your needs require and as time suits.


My private forex coaching is available to all students, regardless of your current position or experience. We can build an entire forex trading strategy around your abilities, capital and risk requirements, and structure course content and duration accordingly. Flexibility is key as regards private forex coaching, to ensure we can maximise your education.